Two Timing Tart

Oh dang I smell good.

I smell like this. Two Timing Tart

Strawberries, cream, soft skin and just a little more relaxed.

I'll take it.

Say Huh Now?

How people find their way here always interests me. Some of it just downright disturbs me. Here are a few to sit and make you go hmmmm.

1. butt crack malformation What the hell? Where did I talk about butt crack malformation??

2. ditz hydroseeding Hmm. Pretty sure that is illegal in Oregon we have plenty without wanting to grow more.

3. fantasia barrino shoplifting Huh? I never heard a WORD about this!

4. ged fantasia american idol Hmm.

And then we always have the weird and obscure beagle searches. Some make me cry, some make me laugh. On my old site I had a search for "I want a beagle puppy damn it!" which just cracked me up. Tonight however we have:

poopy dogies

good and bad about beagles (heh, wouldn't the name just give you a BIG clue?)

everything about beagles

beagles skills

and last but not least....

Between malformed buttcracks and beagle sandwiches just what kind of life do people think we live over here?