For Pity Sake

Never ever send your husband to the post office without detailed instructions about when to breathe, when to turn, which step to take when.

I had sent DJ to the post office for me since I was waiting for some phone calls to be returned and he came home with 2 out of the three packages and everything messed up!

Big package across the counter. Buy 1 stamp add it to the white envelope and put in outgoing mail, and put other brown envelope in outgoing mail.

He comes home with a Overseas Declarations sheet FOR A FREAKING THICK LETTER that was on its way to an APO, and the big package saying it was overweight for the postage slip I had printed off of paypal the night before. He had, once again, only taken 40 cents with him so he didn't have what he needed to pay for the rest of any postage they needed. And he spent that on extra postage THAT WASN'T NEEDED for the OTHER ENVELOPE! So now the APO letter still needs more postage.

It was 10 minutes before the post office closed so I had to rush back over there and slap the damn package back on and make them reweigh it. I made them do it on all 3 scales and when it weighed something different on all 3 and was only overweight on one I made them send it as is. Curious how I can always get crap that postage due but never send it?

Why he didn't just stick the stamp on the other envelope and put in the outgoing mail is beyond me. Since it's a small town now our address will be flagged for that declaration so I will have to go to the next damn town to mail it. Gah that makes me ANNOYED. It's a thick envelope people. There is obviously no liquid, no white powder, no harm. I'm going to declare a soulless dead tree composition on that form I swear.

Got home in time to hear the answering machine beep from my missed phone call.