Busier than I thought

We finished school on Thursday! We weren't quite finished with our books which is the first time that has ever happened and I was really discouraged, but talking to some other homeschool moms they assured me that things would continue to get worse. So we closed everything up Thursday. The plan is to go all of June without cracking a single textbook. The are still required to read a couple hours a day through the summer, which is not a big deal since they enjoy it. Then Sam and I will have a 2-3 week summer school session of 2 hours a day, at the beginning of July, and break again until the middle of August when we return.

I have goals for my summer vacation.

1. New layout for this blog.

2. New layout for Domesticity, which has been merged with the food blog.

3. Get the beagle website re-built from the ground up and run under a subdomain (yet to be named!)

4. Accomplish 1/3 to half of my Christmas knitting by the end of summer, which thanks to Her Most Excellent Deejness will be easier to accomplish with the 10 balls of yarn and the excellent knitting book and dish cloth patterns she sent me. Thanks Deej!

5. Get my Usborne business up and going.

Friday was a busy day. I had an MRI scheduled for my lower back and we had to go to Boise to have it done. The good news is as a clausterphobic, I managed my entire MRI without taking any sedatives, without being pulled out to catch my breath and generally without freaking out. The last 2 minutes were pretty long, my leg and foot had long since gone to sleep, but I still felt pain. Finally it was time to get me out. I had to lay on my side for awhile before I could get up. And then we got out of there. DJ said he was proud of me too. Since he has had to hold my hand through these things before, he understand how much they scare me.

We spent the rest of the day getting some much needed shopping done, I am still limping! We spent $250 on groceries at the weirdo bag it yourself place. And we got the dogs more dog food than they can eat in a couple months, so we know we won't run out anytime soon.

We were totally reamed at a Mongolian BBQ. For what we spent on dinner we could have had Applbee's or TGI Friday's which was a let down.

Another neccessary purchase was The Return of The King and everyone but me stayed up to watch it. Silly.

The best purchase was an 88 cent weirdly shaped squirt bottle that has been named the Bad Beagle Bottle. The dogs have lived in terror of it all day. Spot comes and crawls into my lap. But then he and Thursday will get carried away playing and wham! A squirt with the Bad Beagle Bottle. I asked MJ a question and she gave me a someone snotty reply. WHAM! Right in the ear with the Bad Beagle Bottle. Cool Beans!

Okay, it seems like there is more to say but I need to get to bed, my leg is still hurting and I droopy.